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Welcome to CedarLin Boxers!

We are located in North Liberty, Iowa and currently home to 3 Boxers -- Celia, Silas, Thea and 2 people Eric and Becky Gilchrist.

Brutus was our first boxer -- one day Eric came home and announced that once we get our new house we needed a boxer named Brutus. I thought he was insane! I had grown up with cats and had always imagined a cute little lap dog like a yorkie. He encouraged me to do some research on Boxers and told me that they were really great dogs. I hopped on the internet and learned that Boxers are great family dogs, very loving and fun dogs. I agreed to a fawn male with natural ears and we ended up with Brutus in 1999, Amaya came 6 months later and the rest is history!

Brutus and Amaya introduced us to dog training, agility and a whole world of dog shows. We started out in pet obedience classes and eventually stumbled into AKC obedience while at a Boxer Club meeting. I was amazed at the dogs ability in the ring and decided that my dogs could do that too! We entered our first show 1 year later.

We entered the world of conformation and "show dogs" with our Ninya. Ninya was purchased from Korinne Vanderpool of Regal Boxers and she became our first champion. Korinne was a tremendous help to us as we learned the ropes in the conformation ring. Ninya is the foundation of Cedarlin Boxers andwe are sure she has set us on a very successful path!

As we have ventured into breeding and the next generation of Cedarlin Boxers we have tried very hard to find boxers that have a temperment that will allow them to excel in multiple rings and be fabulous pets. We believe in health testing breeding dogs and doing our part to try to reduce health problems through responsible breeding. A beautiful, healthy and happy dog is our goal at all times!

Our Boxers are busy dogs. We train and compete in obedience, agility, rally, nose work and conformation. We enjoy training our dogs and they have fun working. Click on "Our Boxers" to see each dog's page to learn more about them and the titles they have earned.

We are active with boxer rescue and if you are looking for a boxer we encourage you to go to www.midwestboxerrescues.com. We have shared our home with over 16 foster dogs over the years and have special memories of each dog. Please consider rescue or volunteering with boxer rescue!

We are expecting a litter in July 2021. Click on puppies for more information. Please contact us if you would like more information.

We are members of the American Boxer Club, The Cedar Valley Boxer Club, 4RK9's Dog Training Club, The Iowa City Dog Obedience Club and Ready, Steady, Go Agility (NADAC Club).

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